What If You Could Turn Your Skills And Experience Into Profit?
What If You Could Turn YOUR Skills And Experience Into Profit?
Learn the Untold Secrets From 20 Of The World's Highest Paid Freelancers for FREE
Learn the Untold Secrets From 20 Of The World's Highest Paid Freelancers for FREE
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"I've Paid For The Interviews, You Just Cover Shipping!"
"I've Paid For The Interviews, You Just Cover The Shipping!"
What are the 9 Million Dollar Freelancing Secrets?
The 9 Million Dollar Freelancing Secrets Interviews are the shortcut to starting and growing your own successful freelance business. 

Inside of the interviews, 20 of the World's Highest Paid Freelancers open up their playbook and reveal their insider secrets to getting high paying clients on Upwork! 
In these interviews you'll discover: 
  • How to Land Your First Client Within Days so You Can Hit the Ground Running
  • How to Land Clients Consistently and Get Invited to High Ticket Projects On a Weekly Basis 
  • How to Write Proposals That Grab Attention and Win You Interviews with Potential Clients 
  • How to Close Clients on Just One 30 Minute Call so You Can Land Clients On-Demand 
  • How to Avoid the Rookie Mistakes NOW so You'll Have the Shortcut Your Path to Freelance Success
  • How to Outsource Your Work The Right Way Without Losing Quality so You Can Enjoy More Time Freedom
  • And so much more!
of the US population will be freelancer by 2020.
Businesses have a need for talented freelancers and specialized agencies.
generated every day in the freelance industry!
That's $1.7 Trillion dollars contributed 
to the economy every year.
Americans doing freelance work today.
That represents one-third 
of American workers.
Here's Who You'll Learn From...
Who You'll Learn From On This Training
Julie Ewald
Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist
Julie went to school for English and History and originally wanted to become a professor. 

She realized that it would take years to get there and decided to find a new passion. 

When she decided to move to Italy from the United States, she struggled financially and couldn’t get a job over there.  

She decided to try and become a digital nomad and jumped on Upwork and tried to get clients. 

After trial and error she finally had a breakthrough and found her niche in content marketing. 

Fast forward to today and she’s earned over $400,000 on Upwork and has also a fast-growing digital marketing agency on Upwork as well. 
Kevin C.
Joomla Web Designer
Kevin is originally from southern California and attended USC. 

He built websites for people including student organizations during college. 

He really enjoyed doing it but he didn’t pursue it as his career path. 

He got a job working in IT after college and had thought it was going to be a great opportunity for him... 

...However he quickly realized that he couldn’t grow anymore at his job and started to feel really bored

He wanted more adventure and to do something he loved.

He saved up some money, quit his job, and decided to move to Brazil and become a freelancer on Upwork. 

He started from the bottom charging $15 building websites for businesses just like he did in college. 

Fast forward to today he’s earned over $700,000 on just Upwork alone and has a thriving agency and is happier an more fufilled than ever before.
Vlad M.
Cloud Expert, Architect, DevOps & Linux Admin
Vlad is originally from Russia. He became a freelancer when his wife was pregnant because she couldn’t work

He needed to make more money to support his child that was on the way. 

After testing all kinds of different strategies on Upwork he finally cracked the code and now has become one of the highest paid freelancers on Upwork in the world. 

He specializes in dev ops architecture and has clients from all over the world including Stanford University and several fast growing Silicon Valley startups. 

He’s been able to earn over 3 million dollars on just Upwork and absolutely loves working. 
Trina M.
High Performing Sales Pages
Trina has quickly become one of the highest paid freelancers in India. 

Originally due to pressure from her family and lots of extenuating circumstances she had to pursue engineering. 

She completed her engineering degree but all of a sudden started facing some health challenges and couldn’t start her job as an engineer. 

Trina wanted to be successful and looked at as a leader in her community but couldn’t quite figure out the right vehicle for her to do that. 

That's when she heard about the opportunity on Upwork and decided to try it out. 

She started writing and quickly realized there was a big opportunity in creating landing pages for businesses and found a new passion which became copywriting.

Since getting started on Upwork her hourly rate has skyrocketed from $20 per hour to over $85 per hour while being based in India. 

She’s already earned over $300,000 on just Upwork alone and she’s just getting started!
Morgan F.
Facebook Ads Expert
Morgan was going through what a lot of people go through:

He was constantly unhappy working for someone else. 

Eventually he decided to draw a line in the sand and make a change.

He was sick of Corporate America and wanted to be his own boss

Morgan started as a freelancer charging $15 an hour.
Through hard work and dedication Morgan has become a six figure freelancer and now charges over $220 per hour!
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