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  • How to Leverage Your Existing Skills and Tap Into Ultra High Demand Services The Market Already Wants
  • Proven Strategies to Attract High-End, Enterprise-Level Clients Who Have an Unlimited Project Budget
  • How to Reach the "Pinnacle of Upwork" to Make Your Competition Irrelevant and Send Them Scurrying Elsewhere
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"As a Top Rated Member on Upwork, I'm always looking to master the art of freelancing. The Freelance Client Acquisition System is an all-new training that can help the beginners as much as it can the pros. Whether you're at the top of your game or just getting started, this course can save you years of frustration and trial and error. Keep this training at the very top of your list..."
"As a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, I'm always looking to master the art of freelancing. The Freelance Client Acquisition System is an all-new training system that can help the beginners as much as it can the pros. Whether you're at the top of your game or just getting started, this course can save you years of frustration and trial and error. I'd keep this training at the very top of your list..."
— Nate Graham
Upwork Top Rated Member for 4+ Years
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Looking to Scale
You're already an Alpha Freelancer who is tired of dabbling in projects that don't interest you and want to stack serious cash 
A Gig Worker
You are already taking advantage of the Gig Economy and you're tired of earning tiny commissions for your hard work & effort
A Business Owner
You going through the motions of business and you're looking for an exciting venture to massively boost cashflow for your operation
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You run a coaching or consulting business, but have other skillsets that you haven't tapped into yet and want to cash in on
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What You Will Discover Inside the Course
Week ONE: Setting Your Foundations
 Module 1: How This Program Works
A deep dive how this program works from a navigational and content standpoint. Just like building a house, week one is all about building a solid foundation. Without a proper foundation, a variety of issues can plague your freelancing career that could end up costing you scads of cash and time to fix. 
  • General house keeping so you can hit the ground running with this course
  • How to navigate this program so it becomes second nature to use
  • Important things to remember so that you can streamline your learning curve
  • How to schedule one on one calls so you can make it easy to speak with qualified prospects
 Module 2: The Freelancing Journey
You'll learn about the evolution of a freelancer and why your focus MUST be on building credibility instead of making money in the beginning. We'll also reveal how to make the shift from minimum viable credibility to “go to” freelancer to a virtual agency owner as seamless as possible! Imagine having ideal clients chase YOU (instead of you chasing them).  
  • Nick Tubis's journey as a freelancer along with the successes, failures, and the lessons he learned in between
  • How the massive growth of the freelance economy can bring you more freedom, more money, and a better lifestyle for years to come
  • How to build your minimum viable credibility fast on Upwork so that clients will trust you and hire you without hesitation so you can start making money right out of the gate
  • Why you must become a “go to” freelancer so you can have the freedom you want and have the authority to raise your rates at will
  • How to become a “go to” freelancer so you can stop chasing clients and have them reach out to you instead
  • How to make the switch from freelancer to virtual agency owner so you can double or even triple your income without spending any more time working 
 Module 3: Developing Your Service Offerings
We'll show you how to take the skills and knowledge you already have to tap into profitable services that you can offer right away. We show you insider secrets to Upwork's platform that will give you a huge edge in the marketplace. You'll learn how to uncover services in high demand that can dramatically increase your odds of making money on Upwork.
  • How to leverage your existing skills and develop services that the Upwork market wants so you can earn high paying “good” clients so you don't have to deal with cheap and crazy clients
  • How to reverse engineer and build a high value skill from scratch that the market wants so you can earn higher paying clients with absolute certainty 
  • How to use "Profile Hacking" to find hidden high paying jobs and untapped opportunities with the same skills that can give you an edge over other freelancers and help you get invited to 2X as many high paying jobs 
  • How to leverage a Client Account to access to inside info on the highest paying projects and keywords to use on your profile so that you can attract 2X as many high paying clients compared to other freelancers 
  • Why you must position yourself as a generalist AND a specialist so you can cast a wide net to land high paying clients without having to prospect
 Module 4: An Overview of the Inner Workings of Upwork
We take a deep dive into Upwork and analyze every piece in extreme detail so that you can quickly learn the ins and outs of the platform. We'll show you how to get your Upwork account approved right away. We show you how to set up your Upwork profile step-by-step so that you can get your profile as much exposure as possible.
  • The little known secrets to getting your Upwork account approved in less than 48 hours or less so you can start earning right NOW
  • How Upwork's search engine works and how you can rank at the very top of the listings – even if your just getting started on the platform 
  • How to set up your Upwork profile to outrank your competitors in the search engine to attract highest paying clients 
  • A deep dive into how Upwork works from both a client perspective AND a freelancer perspective so that you understand all the critical pieces on the platform to speed up your success 
  • How to take advantage of "Specialized Profiles"​to expand your market reach and land even more of your dream clients 
Week TWO: Building Your Minimum Viable Credibility 
 Module 1: Finding Your First Clients
In this module, you'll learn what it takes to land your first few clients on Upwork! We'll show you the tried and tested hacks to get multiple 5 star reviews in your first week. We'll also cover what types of jobs that you should apply for when you're starting out (and the jobs you should stay away from).
  • The psychology of how client hire on Upwork and how by understanding how they think can help you know exactly how to communicate with them
  • How to get your first few 5-star reviews in the first 14 days on Upwork so you can build credibility fast and start getting invited to jobs and earn a high job success score to make landing clients so much easier 
  • How to use the job feed to find “good” clients and avoid bad clients before you ever apply for a job so you save hundreds of hours of time and heartache 
  • The types of jobs you should go after when you first get on Upwork that will help you build positive reviews quickly so you can become a top rated freelancer so you can increase your rates and stat landing high paying clients consistently 
  • The art of winning clients through speed so you can be the first freelancer to speak to a client so you have the highest chance at winning the client 
 Module 2: Writing Proposals That Convert
This module goes into extreme detail on crafting persuasive cover letters to win more interviews. We'll cover secret bidding strategies to position you as an authority. We also show you how you can use "screening questions" to your advantage. Plus, you'll get the exact proposal templates top freelancers use to close more sales! 
  • Why proposals are your secret weapon and why they are the key to winning interviews with every client you reach out to – including Fortune 500 company executives
  • How to write persuasive cover letters that immediately grab clients attention and land you phone interviews with clients (even if you reach out days later) 
  • What are screening questions anyway and why you can leverage them to be at the top of a clients hiring list no matter what your job history says
  • How to ethically spy on your competitor bids and outperform the amateurs by using this one time-tested strategy that magnetizes clients to you
  • How to bid on fixed rate jobs so that you have a high chance at winning the client and dominate the auction
  • How to bid on hourly jobs so that your bid stays in the "curiosity zone" so that clients would never consider rejecting your bids – no matter how commanding your rates may seem
 Module 3: Conducting Phone Interviews That Close the Deal
In this module we show you the Client Conversion Method™ we use to close clients in one 45-minute interview. We even give you our proven call script that you can use as your guide. You'll learn how to go from landing short term, low-paying jobs... to landing and longer term, higher paying jobs at will. 
  • The deadly mistakes that most freelancers make during the interview process and how you can crush them by becoming a Master Negotiator on each and every call you're on
  • How to conduct captivating phone interviews​so that you can blow the clients mind and close them in just one 45 minute phone call 
  • The difference in strategy for short term and long term and how to win high ticket longer term jobs in a two step interview
  • Deconstructing the “closer” interview sales script and how to tailor it to your service so that your viewed as an authority
 Module 4: World Class Service Delivery
In this module, we show you the best methods to communicate with your clients. This ensures that you get consistent positive reviews and ratings. We also show you how to create a streamlined workflow to meet client deadlines – and impress your clients, too! Plus, we'll share some amazing hacks to persuade clients to write you 5 star reviews so you can increase your rates and outrank your peers on Upwork.
  • How to provide a world class service delivery so your clients are thrilled and more than happy to write you a 5 star review and a testimonial you will never forget
  • How to manage your time as a freelancer so that you meet all of your clients deadlines (and avoid ghosting your clients) 
  • How to build your daily game plan like a airline pilot so that you're prepared for anything and always impress your clients
  • How to look for opportunities to up-sell clients during your service delivery so you can earn more without having to find a new client 
  • How to communicate with your client like they are your friend and never feel worried about a project 
  • The deadly mistakes most freelancers make that lead to bad reviews and a terrible job success score 
  • How to turn unhappy or unsatisfied clients into positive reviews and testimonials even in the most hostile circumstances 
  • How to incentivize your clients to write you 5 star reviews and testimonials so that you can increase your rates and make getting new clients way easier 
Week THREE: Becoming A “Go To" Freelancer
 Module 1: Authority Positioning
In this module we show you how to leverage the credibility you've built on Upwork to position yourself as authority. You'll learn how to increase your rates without turning off potential clients. And you'll discover how to optimize your profile based on what's already working!
  • How to make the shift from having "minimum viable credibility" to becoming a “go to” freelancer that can increase your rates into the stratosphere and earn large sums of money – without having to work more hours 
  • How to leverage work history and use it to update your profile so your positioned as a specialist and attract your dream clients 
  • How to dissect your work history to help you figure out what to become a specialist in so that you can increase your rates 
  • How to use supply and demand pricing to increase your rates to $200-500 an hour – without turning off potential clients 
 Module 2: Post “Go To” Freelancer
In this module we explain how to leverage the momentum with you've built with your freelance business. This where you're earning close to earning 6 figures per year with our proprietary system. Now, we show you the strategies to double down to make sure you get there!
  • Why so many “go to” freelancers leave so much money on the table when they hit this level and how you can eat their lunch 
  • The next phase for a “go to” freelancer and how to win longer term and even higher ticket clients who can pay you up to $100,000 or more every year 
  • Why now is the perfect time to double down on what is working and how this one simple tweak can catapult you to your first six figures online
  • Why you should NEVER stop prospecting and how you can create a log dam of highly qualified leads who invite you to their job listings
 Module 3: The Inevitable Wall
In this module, we talk about the inevitable wall that virtually every six figure freelancer hits. We explain what do when you hit the wall, and how you can bounce back while others struggle. This is where we begin to outsource some of your work so you can increase your time freedom. 
  • The inevitable wall "go to" freelancers hit that stops their growth and blocks them from hitting their full potential
  • The obvious signs of when you've hit the wall and how to know when its time to take your business to the next level
  • Why the key to getting over the wall is delegation and how to identify what you should outsource so that you can free up your time and handle take on even more clients
  • The different outsourcing strategies that you can use and how to test outsourcing your service delivery in the least risky way possible 
  • Important things to keep in mind when you test outsourcing so you don't earn a negative review that will hurt your job success score 
Week FOUR: Starting Your Agency
 Module 1: Starting A Virtual Agency
In this module we show you how to start an Upwork agency! We explain the structure of an agency and the key players you will need to have so you can scale. You'll learn how to set up your profile and recruit top freelancers to execute your service delivery for every project you win. We show you the exact workflow that the top virtual agency owners use to interview, hire, and test freelancers – without risk.
  • Why you should start an Upwork agency and why its the pathway to starting a real company 
  • How to set up your Upwork agency profile in a way that helps you rank higher in the search engine so you can start getting more exposure to high paying clients
  • A deep dive into Upwork agencies so you understand how they are different from traditional freelance work
  • How to find affordable and talented freelancers to join your agency so that you can build your dream team
  • How to build out a system of testing different freelancers to see who has what it takes to be on your team and who doesn't
  • The math to making your agency profitable and how much you should pay your virtual team members so your running on massive profit margins  
 Module 2: Growing Your Agency
We'll show you how to install business managers to handle prospecting for projects, recruiting and hiring for you. We'll also put in place project managers so that you no longer have to deal with clients. We'll also build a vendor list together. This is a list of affordable “go to” freelancers you can access anytime. We'll also create your backup plan so you stay in control and are prepared for anything. This is where you can remove yourself from working on the business and begin collecting consistent cashflow.
  • How to systematically build a vendor list of “go to” freelancers for each service you provide so that you'll have way less stress and always feel like your on top of your business
  • When to hire virtual assistants and when to hire freelancers (and knowing the difference) 
  • How to build a backup plan for every person on your virtual team so no matter what happens you're prepared for anything so remain in control of your business 
  • How to install business managers and project managers into your virtual agency so you can remove yourself almost entirely from your business while collecting consistent cashflow 
BONUS"Secret Interviews From 20 of the Highest Paid Freelancers"
 BONUS Module: Over 20 hours of never before released interviews with Top Earning Freelancers
We've interviewed the highest earning freelancers on Upwork so you don't have to!  These little-known freelancers have earned well over $9 million dollars combined on Upwork. And they reveal all their hidden secrets and profitable tricks on these never-before-seen interviews to help you become an instant millionaire.
  • How Julie Ewald went from jobless in Italy to head of one the fastest-growing inbound marketing agencies on Upwork – earning over $400,000 dollars
  • How Ryan O' Connor went from a laid off intern to building one of the top email marketing agencies on Upwork with over $200,000+ in sales
  • How Rick Singh went from a coffee shop barista to building a marketing agency, boasting $300,000+ in sales on Upwork
  • How Alexander Novikov went from jobless to the highest paid freelancer in the EU – earning a whopping $1+ million dollars 
  • How Doug Shaw overcame the financial crisis and joined Upwork's Top 1% with $800,000+ in earnings on Upwork
  • How John Carl went from a struggling teacher to elite freelancer in the Philippines – with sales soaring past the $200,000+ mark 
  • How Kevin Campbell left his boring day job to move to Brazil and start a virtual agency that earned him over $1,700,000+ dollars 
  • How Morgan Overholt went from climbing the corporate ladder to earning her first $100,000 doing what she loves
  • How Hartley Singer stormed out of KPMG and built his own virtual accounting agency that has earned him north of $400,000
  • How Vlad Mikhaylov went from stressed out with his pregnant wife to become The World's Highest Paid Freelancer – earning a staggering $3 million dollars on Upwork alone
  • How Morgan Fleur went from charging $15 an hour as a freelancer to charging over $200+. He now has verified earnings well over $100,000 a year
  • How Cedric Severino ditched the suit and tie to start his own virtual law practice. Now he charges hundreds of dollars per hour and cashes in north of $300,000 in contracts
  • And SO much more...
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